FABTECH 2021 may be just a memory for some companies.  For Fab Supply, FABTECH was the continuation of their goal of assisting customers.

With the uncertainties of the past year, many did not know what to expect at this year’s FABTECH 2021.  For Fab Supply, FABTECH 2021 was an opportunity to do what they do best: help their customers.

“We found that the FABTECH 2021 audience was very purposeful,” said Mike Newman, Fab Supply Managing Director of Sales. “This year, I was able to spend more time with visitors and obtain good information that I can use to help them with their next project.”

It is hardly surprising that Fab Supply would embrace FABTECH as an opportunity to interact with their customers. That commitment to their customers is the same reason that an actual human always answers the phone at Fab Supply, why sales personnel often give out their personal cell phone numbers during a project, and why they will go to great lengths to deliver solutions on time to their customers (including with a midnight run to the airport). It’s also what differentiates them from other companies, both in their daily operations and at FABTECH.

“I walked around FABTECH and found so many companies were there solely to meet their customers and say, ‘Hey Jim, what are you doing today?’” says Ron Laws, Fab Supply Sales and Marketing Specialist. “That’s what sets up apart. We were there to help people and improve their processes.”

FABTECH gave the Fab Supply team the chance to start valuable conversations with visitors.

“There is value in having tools as part of the discussion when purchasing a press brake or metal forming system,” says Ron Laws. “The right tooling makes the machine run well. With poor tooling or a poor solution, the machine doesn’t perform as well.”

Fab Supply looks forward to continuing those conversations in the future and using their expertise to provide the right solutions for their customers. They also look forward to having the right tools at future shows—and hopefully not having their main display (a pneumatic Rolla-V) get damaged during shipping, an obstacle they faced before this year’s show.

“The right tools are definitely part of Fab Supply’s success, and we were very disappointed when we couldn’t show off our pneumatic Rolla-V product,” says Dan McCloskey, Fab Supply Managing Director of Operations. “However, our expertise and customer commitment are a key part of the value we bring to our customers, and that can never be damaged. When we look to the future, we look forward to providing our customers with the product and process knowledge that improves their efficiency and boosts productivity.”

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