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Case Study: Engineering Precision in Complex Bends (The Success Story of Milton Manufacturing with Fab Supply)

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Over and over again, Fab Supply continually proves to be a top-tier partner for manufacturers looking for tooling solutions. They do this by repeatedly helping their customers execute complex bends, as was the case with partner Milton Manufacturing. In this case study, we explore how the collaboration between Milton Manufacturing and Fab Supply generated notable enhancements in precision and profitability over 16+ years.


  • To illustrate the enduring and effective Fab Supply and Milton Mfg. partnership
  • To showcase that Fab Supply is the optimal choice for press brake tooling solutions

Developing Mastery Over Complex Bends

Milton Mfg. has consistently leaned on Fab Supply for their press brake tooling needs across an array of projects, particularly those that have demanded intricate fabrications. Specialized tooling provided by Fab Supply has been at the heart of productions, signifying the role of high-quality equipment in meeting complex project requirements.

Enabling Precision and Repeatability

Milton Mfg. has witnessed substantial improvements in holding tight tolerances and ensuring repeatability when running multiple parts—a testimonial to the craftsmanship and reliability of the tooling provided by Fab Supply.

“The tooling we have purchased has achieved the desired results. We can hold tight tolerances and deliver repeatable quality, which is crucial for complex assemblies,” says Peter Smith from Milton Manufacturing.

Professionalism and Quality of Service

Milton Mfg.’s long-standing partnership with Fab Supply is fueled by consistent product quality and a commitment to excellent service. Such a positive experience only reinforces the decision to continue this collaboration.

“Yes, we would recommend Fab Supply. Their quality products and service speak for themselves,” confirms Milton Mfg.


The established relationship between Milton Mfg. and Fab Supply, spanning over 16 years, speaks volumes of the trust and reliability built between the two entities. With a primary focus on fabricating assemblies with complex bends, Fab Supply has demonstrated its commitment to delivering excellence through precision, and unwavering service quality. It is this very excellence that suggests Fab Supply should indeed be the tooling choice for industry professionals.