Ok – maybe not all manufacturing problems, but some important ones! Learn how our one-of-a-kind sheet following system increases productivity, addresses safety issues, and reduces operator fatigue.

In the fabricating industry, many of us have seen this before.

Large parts that are very difficult to process. Inadequate equipment to get the job done. Worker fatigue that leads to burnout or injury, increased manufacturing costs and missed ship dates.

There should be a better way. Well, we were tired of it – and we did something about it.

Introducing, the Fab OTR. This is our state-of-the-art sheet following system for press brakes from 90 to 1,000 tons, which provides a solution for companies struggling to bend those large sheets and heavy parts.

The Fab OTR addresses safety issues, poor efficiency and operator fatigue associated with current methods for bending large sheets and heavy parts while increasing productivity. With several options available, each Fab OTR can be customized by adding additional arms, programmable height adjustment, wider work surfaces or friction reducing surfaces.

“There has been a need in the marketplace for a retrofittable system that can handle large sheet and/or heavy parts efficiently,” says Ron Laws, VP of Sales and Marketing. “Our systems meet these needs with a system that is specifically customized to a fabricators application. Whether it is our standard capacity rated at 500 lbs/arm, heavy duty system at 700lbs/arm or the maximum duty system at 1,200 lbs/arm, we have a solution available.”

Our new line offers features that have not been available in the past, including:

  • Programmable height adjustment from bend to bend
  • The ability to support a part bent to an included angle of 40 degrees
  • Overload protection
  • 8 foot extension arms
  • Additional arms for large machines

Find out more about how the Fab OTR can fit your needs. Contact us today.

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