You’ve probably had a good haircut and a bad haircut in your lifetime. The best haircuts come from someone who gets your style and has the industry experience to do it right.

A bad haircut? Well, that barber took it upon themselves to give you something you didn’t need.

At FAB Supply, you’ll never walk away with a bad haircut. Our team is dedicated to listening to the ins and outs of your “style” before designing the tooling system that’s right for your specific application. No unnecessary tooling, no additional frills – just the straightforward products you need to get the job done right.

How Does it Work?

When you’re looking to add tooling to your fab shop, we start with an exploration process to understand the project and the desired end results. Feel free to send us a drawing of an upcoming project, we’ll review and determine your needs to come up with a tooling solution – all without you committing a penny.

Only by listening carefully to the needs of our customers can we enter into the two-way dialogues that result in us recommending the most cost-effective and productive solution for each specific forming application. At FAB Supply, we always consider the entire picture. Whether it’s operator skill level, machine quality and capacity, production volume or delivery requirements, every factor must be considered.

We sincerely care more about your project than the profit. We will never sell you precision ground tooling if standard conventional tooling will get the job done right. Our unique ability to provide our customers with virtually any fitting style or quality grade of tooling enables us to recommend and furnish our customers with the best possible solution.

Our experience working with hundreds of customers on various projects gives us a diverse background and ongoing experience with innovative design needs. Here are just a couple examples of how we actually helped our customers save money while still creating the quality end product desired.

  • By simply incorporating a rotary bender into the manufacturing process of a well-known car wash equipment manufacturer, we enabled the customer to flange all sides of 4’ x 8’ and 4’ x 10’ light gauge panels with only one operator. This resulted in an annual labor savings of over $45K and significantly improved the ergonomics for the remaining operator.
  • We also helped a well-known truck manufacturer save hundreds of thousands by eliminating the need for post-form machine work on their frame rails.

If you need tooling and you don’t understand the equipment on a level that you need in order to purchase the right products, FAB Supply is the place to go. We offer a plethora of knowledge and a commitment to customer service you can trust to get just what you need.

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