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The Advantages of Using Rolla-V Press Brake Tooling for Metal Fabricators

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Are you looking for reliable, high-quality press brake tooling that can help you achieve precise and efficient metal bending? Look no further than Rolla-V press brake tooling. With decades of experience in the industry, Fab Supply brings this innovative solution to meet the evolving needs of metal fabricators. In this blog, we will discuss the numerous advantages of using Rolla-V press brake tooling for metal fabricators.

Highly Precision Ground

One of the key advantages of Rolla-V press brake tooling is its highly precision ground surface. This ensures precise and consistent bending results every time. With traditional tooling, slight variations in the surface can result in uneven bends and costly rework. But with Rolla-V, you can achieve accurate bends from the first piece to the last. This not only saves time and money but also ensures customer satisfaction.

Adjustable Press Brake Tooling

The Rolla-V press brake tooling is a great option for those looking to form channels in a single hit. By switching out the rotors in the adjustable dies to either the Pac-man or concave-style rotor, users can quickly form channels with ease. Furthermore, adjustable dies allow users to form materials of varying thicknesses with far less set-up time than fixed models. This makes it an ideal solution for those needing to make quick adjustments or who work with multiple materials. The adjustability also ensures that users can get precise production results every time.

Avoid Traditional Bending Marks

Traditional press brake tooling often leaves visible marks on the metal, which can be difficult to remove. But with Rolla-V’s precision ground surface and modular design, you can avoid traditional bending marks altogether. Not only does this save you time and effort, but it also enhances the overall quality of your final product.

Minimal Marking

In addition to avoiding traditional bending marks, Rolla-V press brake tooling also minimizes marking on the metal sheet. This is due to its unique design that allows for precise bending close to holes and cut-outs without any deformation. As a result, you can achieve clean and accurate bends with minimal marking – a feature that sets Rolla-V apart from other press brake tooling options.

No Tool Material Cross-Contamination

One of the biggest concerns for metal fabricators is tool material cross-contamination, which can result in subpar bends and costly damage to the tools. But with Rolla-V press brake tooling, this is no longer a worry. The precision ground surface prevents any transfer of material from one sheet to another, ensuring consistent and high-quality bends.

Fewer Tool Changes

Thanks to the modular design and versatility of Rolla-V press brake tooling, you can significantly reduce the number of tool changes required for different bending jobs. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors or damage during tool changes. With Rolla-V, you can streamline your bending process and increase productivity.

Bends Laser Cut Sheets with No Tool Damage

Laser cutting is a popular method for metal fabrication, but it can cause damage to traditional press brake tooling due to its high heat intensity. However, Rolla-V press brake tooling is designed to handle laser-cut sheets without any damage. This makes it an ideal choice for fabricators who use laser cutting as part of their production process.

Ideal for Radius Bending

Rolla-V press brake tooling is also perfect for radius bending, thanks to its unique design that allows for exact inside radius bends. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from simple bends to complex shapes and curves. Plus, with the ability to bend up to 30mm thick material (depending on the model selected), Rolla-V can handle even the toughest bending jobs with ease.

Ideal for Tapped or Feathered Edges

Another advantage of Rolla-V press brake tooling is its compatibility with tapped and feathered edges. Traditional tooling often struggles with these types of edges, resulting in suboptimal bends. But with Rolla-V’s precision ground surface and modular design, you can achieve precise bends on these types of edges without any issues.


In summary, Rolla-V press brake tooling from Fab Supply offers numerous advantages for metal fabricators. From highly precision ground surface to modular design and compatibility with various bending techniques, Rolla-V is a reliable and efficient solution for all your metal bending needs. So why settle for traditional tooling when you can elevate your bending process with Rolla-V? Contact Fab Supply today to learn more about this game-changing press brake tooling option.